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Ignore the Sticker

I just read this wonderful post from Seth Godin’s blog. He talks about how all electronics come with stickers that, in essence, say, “You’re too stupid to fix this so don’t.” He goes on to say that we start seeing the whole world from that point of view and don’t try anything new. Godin encourages us to “ignore the sticker.”

How many times do we in ministry get bogged down by warning stickers telling us that some things work and others don’t. We use our God-given talents to figure things out, and then an “expert” or conference or new model comes along to set us right. We put our ideas on hold in deference to those “who might know better” than we do. I say along with Godin, “Ignore the Sticker!” Try things, figure things out. I say if it isn’t broken, then you aren’t trying hard enough. This calling to ministry is about reaching out to people and helping them connect with a loving and transforming God so we can all impact the world around us. In order to do that, we have to take risks… we have to step out on the ledge… and sometimes we need to just jump and figure out how to land after the fact.

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