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Gotta Get My Thoughts Out

Here are some random thoughts that I’ve had since spending the afternoon with the Fellowship Church crew. Some of it is related to my interactions and some thoughts are just random…

  • In watching how Mike leads his team, I am understanding better that you can be a people person who love being around people and still be OK and genuine in delegating and asking other people to do things. I struggle with asking people to do things… I feel bad doing it. Mike, who seems to genuinely like people and is a people person modeled (I’m sure without him even realizing it) for me that it is OK to ask people to do things. I’ve always thought that asking people to do other things made you a jerk because I’ve seen too many type-A personalities run over people. Mike showed me that it can be done without being a jerk. Thanks, Mike.
  • When I went to Willow for the first time a couple of years ago, I was inspired and awed at all they accomplished, knowing that we could do the same. Once again, I am inspired but by another church that more than inspires me but just may cause me to act on that inspiration.
  • I loved the decorations they had up. Environment is huge… and it is very doable and doesn’t have to look like it was made by Bruce Barry (not that there is anything wrong with Bruce’s stuff, but most of us can’t attain or afford that level of environment).
  • Leaders can be highly relational, over and above being bossy.
  • Having a good team frees you up to oversee and do the things you most enjoy.

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