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Just Some Random Thoughts

Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. It’s just been crazy busy doing my job. I sometimes wonder how regular bloggers find time to blog, especially those who are in children’s minsitry. I am intrigued at the number of blogs out there for children’s ministry and the number of blogs that children’s ministry leaders are reading. I wonder if all that time reading blogs is actually beneficial or if it is taking us away from doing ministry. I know that is somewhat inauthentic of me to be quesitoning blogs since I am blogging at this moment.

My main concern is that now anyone can post what they want with no peer review and there are many out there who read these blogs and take what is written in them as authoritative. I think there is a HUGE danger to that. Blogging also perpetuates our narcissitic egos that people actually want to read/hear what we have to say. We, in essence close our minds to thoughtful and reflective discussion and simply air our opinions as if our opinions are the only ones that matter.

I find myself starving, once more, for face-to-face networks with people I can spend time with in person. I do value the networking that happens virtually, but there is only so much that can happen through the ether of the information highway.

Especially in children’s ministry, I think we need to step away from our computers and RSS feeds more often and get out there and actually talk with those children’s ministry leaders that may just be down the road. Get out there and read something that is peer-reviewed and learn… actually learn something new.

So, I guess I better get done with my own (somewhat hypocritical) rant and get of this computer for a while as well.

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